Projects (sample)


  • Selection of an European supplier of sputtering targets for a Japanese electronics manufacturer
  • Identification of  PV-companies as potential investors for an industry park in China
  • Selection of a producer of NDA-equipment for a subsidiary of a German company in China
  • Assessment of production facilities of an insolvent PV-company for a liquidator
  • Selection of an engineering services provider of PS-PVD (Plasma Spray-Physical Vapor Deposition) for a Chinese company
  • Assessment of a production site of a PV-supplier in the restructuring process for a creditor bank
  • Identification of potential sales partners in Germany for a Chinese battery and accumulator manufacturer
  • Assessment of the market potentials for inverters manufactured by a Chinese company on the German market
  • Competitor analysis for a German EPC company
  • Assessment of the competitiveness of a German PV company for a German electricity provider


  • Study about the development of the European PV-market in 2012 for a Taiwanese cell manufacturer
  • Due diligence of a medium-sized supplier of the PV-industry in preparation of an IPO
  • Selection of an European supplier of galvanic surface treatment for a Chinese company
  • Assessment of chances and risks of the European PV-markets for the market entry of an Indian conglomerate
  • Identification of potential take-over targets for a Chinese investment bank
  • Investor behavior in the PV sector - prognosis 2012
  • Strategies of selected Japanese companies on the European PV-market
  • Market potentials 2012 in selected Gulf States
  • Setting up the legal framework of a joint venture for surface technology in Singapore
  • Setting up the legal framework of a joint venture for surface technology in Beijing
  • Site and partner selection in China for a German surface treatment company
  • Assistance in setting up a coating technology plant in Xian (China)


  • Possibilities to develop new customer potentials for private house owner PV-systems on the basis of consumer electronics and home appliance trade fairs (2012)
  • Assessment of M & A transactions under the European law an state aid (2012)
  • Assessment of silicon module price development for the renegotiation of already concluded supplier contracts (2012)
  • Investor risks of convertible bonds of German solar companies (2012)
  • Future potentials of the Japanese PV-market for solar modules (2011)
  • Competitor analysis in the U.S. States California and Arizona (2011)
  • Assessment of the PV-market in selected states in the U.S. (2011)
  • Strength-Weaknesses analysis of selected German solar companies (2011)
  • Legal and Economical Examination of a German-Malaysian joint-venture contract (2011)
  • Assessment of a potential production site in Malaysia (2011)
  • Identification of potential solar cell suppliers in Taiwan (2011)
  • Opportunities and risk potential of the Indian solar market (2011)