Unique Features

Close to companies

We have our hand on the pulse. We provide you with real time information on cutting edge developments of solar companies. Besides Germany we have our focus on China.

Close to political decision makers  

We let you know in advance of changes to political framework conditions. It helps enormously to be located in the German capital and to have close contact to the federal government and the German Parliament. Connections to foreign embassies allow for better assessment of situations abroad.

Always in search of new technological trends

Having close dialogue with the industry enables us to recognize which technological innovations will influenced the markt. Close contact to the machinery and autom sector as well as semiconductor industry.

Comprehensive competence

We are an interdisciplinary team made up of engineers, economists, lawyers and financial analysts.


We operate independently of energy concerns and solar power organizations. We have no affiliations with banks and financial institutions.

Local presence in the top growth markets

We have our own staffs in all the main solar markets:
China - Shanghai
Germany - Berlin, Leipzig, Stuttgart
France - Paris
Italy - Rome